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Lyon Metropole commits and experiments

Thanks to "MesInfos", two hundred citizen‐testers were able to choose whether to make their data available or not and see how this data could be applied, with the effective support of Tubà.

After more than two years of development, the goal is to make known the social and economic benefits of this experiment and to strengthen the positioning of Lyon Métropole as an area of innovation at the service of local residents.

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Date : 13/06/2018

Contents :


Why invest in personal data ?

● A growing concern for the French
● Crisis of confidence and informational asymmetry: a model under fire ? 
● Self Data: re‐establishing the balance of power between individuals and organizations on a more egalitarian basis


Returning personal data use to individuals

● The MesInfos project
● A look at the key project steps
● Lyon Métropole: a municipality and a territory committed to open data access and to the use of personal data
● What has been learned from the MesInfos pilot 


A territorial municipality faced with self data challenge

● The technical challenge: guarantee personal data security 
● The legal challenge: be exemplary in implementing the GDPR
● The cultural challenge: promote empowerment and digital inclusion 
● The economic development challenge: make Self Data serve the Smart City
● The political challenge: affirm the role of trusted third party and politicize the debate on Self Data


An outside view :
The Pluralism of Personal Data Policies, Antoine Courmont